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Learnings and reports from Squared, the digital marketing qualification from Google.

The evolution of display

Claire Cruft completed Squared Online, the digital marketing qualification from Google, earlier this year. Here she shares her insights on the evolution of display advertising. In 2013 the IAB UK found UK display spend was £1,862m and some companies are predicting it will overtake search…

Dynamic Banner in situ

Using dynamic banners to get the right message to the right audience

With a display advertising campaign that has a clear objective, such as sign ups or donations, it is often the case that the shorter the user journey the more successful the campaign will be at driving conversions.  If an advert can land the user on…

What next for digital marketing in 2015?

  2014 has been another big year for digital marketing, the rapid expansion of mobile as a platform for serving effective adverts has played a key role in many of the campaigns being run across the board. It is clear that mobile will continue to develop…

The Importance of Looking to the Future of Digital Marketing

Technology is constantly changing, progressing at quicker rates each year. Ideas that seemed little more than science fiction just a few years ago, are now soon to hit the market. There are many obvious and direct advantages to the user for (most of) the pieces…

Social campaigns with We Are Social

We Are Social, a global conversations, agency take a different approach to Digital Marketing. They use word of mouth marketing through social and PR to raise awareness of top brands like adidas, Heinz and eBay. They argue that social marketing is a shift away from…

How Best to Take Advantage of the Second Screen Phenomenon

Now, more than ever, people are choosing to multi task when it comes to technology. Increased use of smart phones and tablets means that it is common place to be watching television whilst simultaneously researching the programme and chatting to friends about it.

The recent football world cup is the perfect example, with 618,725 tweets per minute as the trophy was won and 280 million posts on Facebook during the final. This broke all previous records on social media for a live sporting event.

The idea that an audience will be engaged with what they are watching but at the same time susceptible to advertising on a second device, is exciting for marketers. Relating content on the second screen to what is being shown on the first screen, can lead to much higher levels of engagement. There is the potential for synchronised advertising, or in the case of a very successful campaign by Domino’s, working out what people will be doing on their phone, in this case using the X Factor app and advertising there for a fraction of the cost of TV ads.



Dominos created an interactive app, with content directly linked to the live show.


Second screen interaction is also a great opportunity for advertisers to start, or join in with, conversations about popular content. This can help build a relationship with the user and create a story behind the brand in a two way conversational manner.

The possibilities are endless in terms of innovative and original ways to engage, entertain and ultimately advertise to a large scale audience, but it is certainly not an opportunity to be missed.
This video from the Internet Advertising Bureau UK explains just way it is so important to appeal to audiences in this way.


To find out more from the IAB UK visit

Would you skip these YouTube ads?

Do you skip YouTube ads? What would make you watch a YouTube ad in full? Nathan Guerra, a speaker on Squared, uses his YouTube channel to show how brands are using the platform for compelling storytelling. Here’s 3 ways brands can make YouTube videos you’d choose…

There is no such thing as Digital

That’s not a statement you’d expect to hear from our digital marketing team, but what do five industry leaders at Macmillan make of it? Ciaran Devane, Amanda Neylon, Nicola Stringer, Richard Thurston and Rachel Xavier discuss whether they think “there is no such thing as…

sitelink extension on Macmillan search

Squared Search industry report

This whitepaper explores how we use enhanced sitelinks in our search advertising. It’s taken from the Squared Search best practice report written by six Squared alumni, a Google-led digital marketing course. Using enhanced sitelinks as an extension of a brand’s tone of voice What are enhanced…