BMW infographic gets personal

Following on from our recent post about Intel I wanted to talk about BMW’s interesting new Facebook application that creates an infographic about users’ habits and encourages people to prove they are a BMW superfan. 
The app does a great job of visually telling consumers about their Facebook friends, how that user has interacted with BMW on Facebook and offers an inside look at the BMW fan base. 
The first section tells Facebook users how many friends they have, how many BMW 3 Series it would take to fit all of them, their average age and the gender distribution. The top section also shows a Polaroid-style image of a BMW vehicle from the user’s birth year, which I think is a great touch.
From there it gets even more personal as it shows how each user has interacted with the brand and creates a score based on information such as when the person began to ‘like’ BMW, how many of the their friends liked BMW since then and the number of likes, comments and posts on BMW’s page.
Even though I’m not a car fan what I like about this is how infographics are a really interesting way to visualise a fans’ commitment towards a brand. I think it’s really interesting to consider how charities can harness the passion of their supporters and show it in an engaging and interesting way.
You can view some more images of it here or, if you’re a BMW buff, you can access the app here and see if you are truly a superfan.

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