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CRUK favourite charity amongst those aged 18–24

So we all know Macmillan is the nation’s favourite charity brand this year, but in the youth sector things are very different. The Youth 100 reveals the most loved brands of 2013 based on a survey of thousands of young people. The top three brands in this age group are You Tube, Wikipedia and Cadbury. CRUK are the first charity coming in at a respectable 11th place. The next seven charity brands are Comic Relief, Oxfam, Movember, Talk to Frank, Greenpeace, Amnesty and [Red].

You’ll notice that Macmillan don’t feature in the top 100. What are your thoughts about this? How can we make Macmillan better known and loved by Britain’s young people?


Useful PDF summary of some of our competitor’s brands

We’re the number one charity brand and we want to stay that way. So visit this section of the blog regularly to keep an eye on what competition are up to. To start you off here’s a handy visual summary of how CRUK, Marie Curie, Breast Cancer Care and various other cancer charities look. Enjoy.

Mac Competitors_SP

Age UK Spreads the Warmth

Age UK have wrapped up the Telegraph Magazine with a thermal cover to highlight their ‘Spread the Warmth’ campaign. The advert, printed in grey thermal ink, will respond to the reader’s fingertips. As readers touch one of the items in the picture, it will turn orange. Through touch, the colour of the lamp, or phone in the picture changes helping to demonstrate how donations will help older people stay warm during winter. 
The inside and back page of the cover wrap will have more information, explaining the thinking behind the campaign and how Age UK will help older people in the winter. Not only does this engaging and innovative creative build awareness of Age UK but it also gets across the wider social issues in a fresh way.
You can see more about their campaign here.

Big Vinnie meets Little Vinnie

Ever wondered what hardman Vinnie Jones was like as a child? Haven’t we all? Now thanks to the British Heart Foundation (BHF), big Vinnie meets little Vinnie.

Following the success of their previous CPR awareness video (which we blogged about earlier) the BHF has created a kidsspoof complete with mini henchmen to encourage the teaching of CPR in schools. And big Vinnie even makes a guest appearance.

Unicef’s colourful fundraising campaign

Click here to see the new website created by Dulux aiming to ‘sell-off’ 16.7 million individual colours, raising money for Unicef. For a donation of £1 or more you can own one of the colours that can be viewed on a smartphone. Sorry if your name’s Rich Brown as that one’s already gone, but there’s still lots more to buy… Tempted?

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