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To celebrate our first 100 years, we’ve created an eye-catching graphic device to appear on special centenary publications and promotional materials. The thinking behind it is that we don’t just want to tell people we’ve been around for 100 years. Instead we want to focus on

  • the positive impact we’ve had on people’s lives
  • new or extra things we’re doing for our centenary
  • the extra things people can do to celebrate
  • how everyone can join in our celebrations.

That’s why our centenary device features a plus sign as well as the following straplines …

It’s not a new logo, so you don’t have to put it on everything. And don’t worry, Macmillan’s logo and everything else brand-y is staying exactly the same. The 100+ is just for the special items we produce in our centenary year. After that, it’ll magically vanish into thin air.

The other thing to bear in mind if you’re producing materials for special centenary events, is that it’s not just a case of slapping the 100+ on. What we’ll be doing is developing new creative solutions using our established brand elements to communicate key centenary messages. A great example of what we mean is our recent centenary fundraising pack.

Watch out for more on the 100+ coming soon on be.mac and the green rooms.



  1. These logo’s are a perfect solution for our centenary. They work so well with the different services we offer.

    Nice work! Looking forward to seeing it throughout the year.

  2. Nice graphics. I’m not too keen on the phrase “Volunteers – adding value for 100 years”, though. It sounds dismally corporate and buzzwordy. Still, I suppose it could have been worse – “Volunteers – leveraging synergy for 100 years going forward”, or some such nonsense.

    Anyhow, like I said, nice graphics!

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