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Ever wondered what the view’s like from the front room of a coastal cottage in North Yorkshire?

Of course you have, and now’s your time to find out.
On the 22-23 September the beautiful village of Staithes – around 10 miles north of Whitby – is quite literally opening its doors to visitors by hosting an Arts and Heritage festival using residents’ houses as exhibition space. Works include paintings and photographs as well as jewelry, sculpture and portraiture inspired by the landscape or created by those who live there.
What a great way to market the village’s national heritage and stunning natural beauty – by showing it at its most vibrant. I’m sure a Yorkshire-based tourist board could have made a perfectly pleasant printed advertisement about Staithes. Instead, the residents have poured their work into the heart of the village – in the homes, among the families, among the community, offering a unique view that truly must be seen to be believed.  
While printed advertisements are often very successful and very necessary, it’s sometimes good for them to work in context with their surroundings. From sofas at bus stops to billboards filled with household appliances, popular furniture brand IKEA have always been forward thinking in their advertisement style. The British Heart Foundation’s recent annual report was designed to look like a wallet – with different sections as bank notes, photographs and credit cards – while across the pond charities such as Denver Water have also taken radical steps to raise awareness of their campaigns, making a thought-provoking mark on public benches across the country.
Of course, wacky graphics and pop-up kitchens shouldn’t be replacing good design and clear, compelling copy – but it’s clear that an open-minded approach produces exciting results. Let’s hope that the Staithes residents’ originality pays off.
For an events schedule and artists gallery, click here


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