Freshly grown

Big ideas to make a big difference

We’re the marketing team; adding value through our strategic thinking, our creative ideas and our expertise. But what’s most important is making sure we’re there for people affected by cancer. That’s what it’s all about.  So we take ideas and make them work – make them work offline and online, in leaflets and on billboards – and we add value at every opportunity.

That helps us to create campaigns that really work – and that help Macmillan achieve its ambition of reaching and improving the lives of everyone living with cancer and inspiring millions of others to do the same. Have a look below at how we’ve done just that:

  • Support with style!

    Hitting your high street this September will be these eye catching Celia Birtwell pin badges. Celia Birtwell is one of the UK’s most iconic textiles designers. Since bursting onto the scene in the swinging sixties her famous textile creations have been worn by many famous…

  • Telling the story of our year

    Annual report Think Develop new creative based on the Not Alone campaign. Communicate our 2012 achievements … … and our vision for the future. In other words, ensure our Nine Outcomes play a prominent role in the report. Grow The aim was to create an…

  • Toolkit for teachers

    Making a big subject easy to talk about Think Discussing cancer with young people is a sensitive and sometimes difficult subject. And yet we’re all affected by cancer. Grow We needed to create a toolkit that would help teachers give young people the information they…

  • Start spreading the news

    Mac News Think Mac News, our supporter magazine, is competing against many other consumer publications to try and gain the attention of our supporters. The challenge is always: how do we make sure it’s Mac News that they make time for? Grow The aim is…

  • Is it a bird? Is it a campaign?

    Mixing golf and superheroes we were able to inspire golfers around the country to play 72 holes in a day, even without the aid of a cape.

  • Mario’s story video

    ‘I felt like I was falling from a great height but Pat, my Macmillan nurse, was there to catch me.’ – Mario.

  • Eating right for you

    Recipes for people affected by cancer

  • Working through cancer toolkit

    Providing the toolkits for the trades