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With Mac Creatives’ social circles positively teeming with great content, here’s a round-up of the best projects on the go this week.    1. The Imaginary App
This one’s a call for submissions. Editors Paul D. Miller and Svitlana Matviyenko are asking budding writers, artists and computer-whizzes to design an icon for an app of their own imagination. ‘The goal of this project,’ they say, ‘is to challenge the limits of technological assistance endorsed by the slogan: “There’s an app for that.” What are the most desirable, terrifying, or ridiculous apps that haven’t been and, possibly, will never be released? Formulate a concept of an app. Translate it in the language of design.’ Sounds fantastic.

 I’m going to create an app that sprays deodorant at sweaty, overweight businessmen on the tube.

2. The Damage Within
Unicef have launched a great new ad campaign that is the epitome of ‘simple but effective’.  Images showing the inside and outside of children’s vests and socks give a chilling impression of the surface emotions of a child versus the ‘invisible damage within’ caused by abuse. As ever, nothing packs a punch like charity communications.
3. Another Olympic Advert
Don’t moan, it’s a goodun. DVD sales website uses the buzz of the Olympics to bring back memories of our favourite films.

4. The Invisible Bicycle Helmet
This video is well worth a watch. It follows (in only three minutes) the eight-year journey of two students who designed, marketed and created an invisible bike helmet. This could spell the end of unpleasant, unsightly helmets that aren’t ‘cool’ enough for children and teenagers (and many adults) to wear. It’s literally invisible – well, almost. Blink and you’ll miss it. Fall, and you won’t.

5. Subway Cento
Last but not least, writer and designer Jack Cheng has taken to the streets of his hometown, Brooklyn, taking pictures of adverts on the subway before chopping and cropping them into mini graphic poems. A brilliantly simple idea with sometimes humorous, sometimes thought-provoking results.


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