Telling the story of our year

Annual report


  • Develop new creative based on the Not Alone campaign.
  • Communicate our 2012 achievements …
  • … and our vision for the future. In other words, ensure our Nine Outcomes play a prominent role in the report.


  • The aim was to create an engaging, informative report that our supporters and donors would enjoy reading.
  • Our concepts focused on what Macmillan is all about: people. We would use the our Not Alone case studies to bring the story of our year to life.


  • We decided to give our report the look and feel of a journal. To achieve this effect, we used handwritten entries, ‘cut out’ photos and personal memorabilia from our case studies, and doodles and infographics.
  • Scattered among the regular sections of the report, these elements brought our 2012 achievements to life – and gave the whole report a very warm, human feel.


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