Toolkit for teachers

Making a big subject easy to talk about


  • Discussing cancer with young people is a sensitive and sometimes difficult subject. And yet we’re all affected by cancer.


  • We needed to create a toolkit that would help teachers give young people the information they need to understand it and the opportunity to discuss it.
  • We didn’t want cancer to be the elephant in the (class)room. Yes, it’s a big subject but we realised it should be an easy and natural one to talk about.


  • We produced our Talking About Cancer toolkit using a huge elephant silhouette and the line ‘Making a big subject easy to talk about’.
  • The pack contains everything you need to give young people the facts about cancer they need.
  • The tone and look and feel was relevant for pupils and spoke to them in a style that they would find engaging and included posters, activities and a DVD.





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