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Coal cares!

A small group of American medical experts and other activists took on the coal industry with the launch, yesterday, of the fake charitable initiative and website coal cares. With the offer of special branded inhalers to take the stigma out of childhood asthma and helpful debunking of the myths of alternative energy supply, it’s a potentially controversial way to generate media interest by lampooning the culture that it challenges.

This has been followed up with press releases quoting statistics from the American Lung Association showing that polution kills 13,000 people each year in the US and making explicit links to cancer prevelance.

Developed through the YesLab, the forum for developing media grabbing activist projects, and in tandem with the Yes Men, who have had high profile successes with similar stunts challenging big corporations such as Dow Chemical, Exxon and Halliburton, it would be interesting to know what the pick-up rate across US media has been. But meanwhile, I’ll leave you with an interesting fact from their Asthma Trivia section…

Piggy, from Lord of the Flies, didn’t die from an asthma attack
Piggy (the “fat kid”) did have terrible asthma, but he sure didn’t die from it! Rather, he perished from a boulder dropped on his head by a group of his frustrated peers.

One more OK go video – for the dawgie lovers!

Following up from Corin’s technology based video below – here’s another from the wee pop-meisters, this one featuring pooches. welcome to the weekend

Don’t go zombie

If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes talking to me you’ll likely have found out that I have only two real passions in life; graphic design and zombies.

I’m not really sure where it comes from, I think it’s buried deep down inside each and every one of us. I often find myself daydreaming about escape routes and best weapons to use in a hand-to-hand combat situation.
Anyway, imagine my delight when Virgin trains released their latest advertising campaign and based it all around zombies! Don’t go zombie is a great little game that uses google maps to find and hunt down the hordes of the undead and send them on their merry way up north somewhere. Yippeee.
Be warned it’s addictive.

Creepy, but interesting…

Check out this murdermap
If you’re lucky enough to live within the M25 (although oddly this includes Sedgebridgeworth and Horley?) you can see who’s been murdered near your house. Charming.

I live in Whitechapel so apparently I should be looking out for people with blunt instruments like chair legs – should be easy to spot in a crowd?

The perils of translation

A cautionary tale! Very funny though. Just shows how important it is to have a good process for ensuring any translations are done properly.

The brand quiz

What makes up a brand?
Really fun game, if you’re into that sort of thing, EVERYONE SHOULD TRY THIS.
I scored a paltry 17 out of 21. Can you do better?
A fantastic prize to the winner. Post your score below. Try it out here.

Government paid £6,000 a digit for NHS 60th anniversary logo

Brilliant piece by The Times. Make sure to read the comments though!

“It might seem like a minor tweak but when ministers added the number 60 to the NHS logo for its anniversary, they employed two designers, took ten days — and sent taxpayers a bill for £12,000.”

Read the whole article here

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