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Samsung Gear VR

As mentioned in the ‘What next for Digital Marketing in 2015’ blog article, virtual reality (VR) headsets are coming. Many of the big players have recently moved to purchase VR companies, the most notable being Facebook acquiring Oculus Rift in 2014 which is a sure sign that they believe there is a future for the technology.

Until now the headsets have not been particularly user friendly and are certainly a long way from becoming a must have. However as Mashable reports Samsung’s Gear VR Innovators Edition is the closest thing to a consumer-ready virtual reality headset and has now been released. It is still primarily for developers rather than the general public and it appears that despite improvements on previous attempts, it is still a long way from the finished article. The below video explains how the cons still outweigh the pro’s.


However it does seem that this technology is moving in the right direction. It remains to be seen what the potential is for advertisers, but it may not be too long before even more interactive content can be produced and served through VR headsets. Due to the large amounts of money companies such as Facebook have already invested in this field it is likely that advancements in this technology will happen quickly and VR will form a big part of the future digital landscape.


Chick-edy check this out…

To be honest, nothing more to say really other than that I wish I was in Canada to see/do this in person.


Amnesty’s new street campaign

Earlier in the year I blogged about German art collective Mentalgassi’s lenticular fencing (see here). Amnesty have teamed up with them to ‘make the invisible visible’. They’ve created an installation in London’s Soho to publicise the case of a guy on death row in the states, where the evidence is distinctly questionable.

Click below to see how it was constructed or click here to join the campaign.

Watch this video on Vimeo. Video created by Amnesty International.

Can you see what it is yet…?

Click here for lenticular street art…

Augmented reality makes cereal box games so much better!

If you haven’t seen this, you soon will. Augmented reality is starting to make it into advertising in a big way.

You need a computer with a built in camera, which pretty much only means macs. You film yourself holding on to a square barcode the clever computer then takes this and maps an image to this.

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