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ITV, the chameleon

Branding is a tricky business. It’s difficult to build a strong brand in today’s environment when you’re  inhibited by substantial pressures and barriers, both internal and external. However, one key to successful brand building is to have a clear understanding of what your brand stands for – and how to most effectively express that identity so it communicates your brand’s personality.
Which is why we’re saluting ITV who have unveiled the new logos and branding it hopes will reinforce its relationship with its viewers. They produced the entire rebrand in-house and are currently working on at least 30 idents for launch for the main channel.  It seems to really get under the skin of a modern, multifaceted TV company and has been hailed as the most ambitious rebrand of any British TV network.
Their design is focused on the actual programmes and making the logo and branding work with that mood, chameleon-like. So, on the main channel the new ITV logo will not have fixed colours but will use the theory of ‘colour picking’ to take on the colours of the scenes being featured in each ident, allowing it to ‘flex according to the move and tone of the show’ – as you can see from these examples:
Rufus Radcliffe, the group director of marketing and research, says ‘We want to create an ITV world with ITV at the heart of it and we’re going to drop this “1” because viewers have never embraced it.’
Elsewhere each channel will have their own colour. So the ITV2 idents will paint the town ‘hot red’; ITV3 will be a ‘luxurious cool midnight blue’ and ITV4’s will be ‘cool slate grey’ while the ITV Sport will be ‘turf green’ and ITV News logo will be ‘dark blue’. We really like this idea – it means that the identity is about the shows rather than the brand, which is a bold statement.
As well as being a major departure from the past, creating it internally is also a significant cost-saving from their traditional method of using ad agencies.
Check out some more examples below and keep an eye out for them when they’re all launched on a single (to-be-confirmed) day in January.

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