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Make a stand

What do Gwenyth Paltrow, Alan Carr and mum-of-three Trish all have in common?

They’re all standing up to cancer, and they need your help to do it.
It’s a harsh reality that more than 1 in 3 of us will be diagnosed with cancer at some point. But Stand Up to Cancer want us all to beat the odds.

What started as a campaign by the US Entertainment Industry Foundation has grown into a global cause which aims to create new cancer treatments and awareness. And now our glitzy transatlantic friends are joining forces with Channel 4 and Cancer Research UK to bring the star-studded campaign to Britain.

At the heart of it all is Channel 4’s fundraising extravaganza which is bringing the biggest stars of TV, film and music together to raise millions to support the campaign. It isn’t airing until 7.30pm on Friday 19 October, but in the meantime you can get involved by fundraising, buying merchandise and spreading the word all over the internet. What’s more you can also check out the website for more information. And make sure to watch their brilliant ad campaign and videos by people affected by cancer and celebrities alike.
 Here at Macmillan, we think it’s a brilliant campaign, which we’re sure will inspire millions around the world to stand up to cancer together.

Meet The Superhumans

With only three days to go until chaos descends upon the capital, the merest mention of the Olympic Games fills most Londoners – especially commuters – with dread. However, Channel Four are doing a great job to counteract the ever-growing panic by making us really excited about the Paralympics, set to start on the 29th August.

If you don’t feel proud about London 2012 I would recommend watching C4’s newest 90-second ad, Meet the Superhumans. Both Meet the Superhumans and Gallop (read about Gallop here) show just how advanced recent video ad campaigns have become, with every shot, setting and sound timed to perfection. They’ve responded to the rapid increase of digital and social media, where the buzz around a brand can snowball in seconds – but disappear just as rapidly. As Tom Tagholm, director of Meet the Superhumans, explains: “We knew we had to make some noise. We knew we had to add some edge and grit and attitude.”

It’s clear that the other aspects of C4’s online Paralympic presence have also been years in the making. Its specialised Twitter page has attracted over 45,000 followers. Its Facebook page posts regular video interviews and profiles. There is even a dedicated, up-to-date and compelling blog written by James Ballardie, That Paralympic Blog. It complements That Paralympics Show, which has been gracing our TV screens and gearing us up for the Games since 2010.

Channel Four’s flawless marketing and raw, honest portrayal of our Paralympic athletes makes me feel that there’s no better channel – or group of sporting heroes – to represent Great Britain. 

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