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The most wonderful time of year?

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘Christmas’? Carol singing? Presents? Or the stress of getting everything ready on time?Avoiding every perfect Christmas cliche, Morrisons has brought us the real Christmas. From the forever-shedding tree to the endless sprout peeling, the ad has captured the comedy of the stressful pre-Christmas rush. Mum has decorations to hang and mouths to feed, but with the help of Morrisons, the turkey wrestling and card writing is all worth it in the end.
We think it’s a brilliant alternative to the traditional Christmas ads, and what’s more, they’ve also set up a Crimes Against Christmas page on Facebook. It invites shoppers to share their Christmas mishaps and submit pictures of their Christmas crimes. Five £100 prizes will be awarded each week in the run up to the big day and £1000 will be given to the snapper of the photo voted the guiltiest. That would make our Christmas a whole lot merrier.

Christmas comes but twice a year

If you’re a designer that is. Like the rest of the population, every December we experience the joys of over-consumption, surprise presents and extended time spent with seldom-seen relatives. But we also get to spend a magical month or two in the middle of the year immersed in a glittering, marzipan-scented world of santas, robins and all things Christmas. Yep you’ve guessed it: the Christmas gift catalogue.

Hot-off-the-press copies of Macmillan’s Shop to Change Lives catalogue that I worked on earlier this year have just landed on my desk and they’re looking good. Along with a healthy sprinkling of that staple, the charity christmas card, this year’s edition also features an expanded range of gifts and festive accessories. From delightful tree decorations to tasty baking goods, our sales team worked really hard sourcing stuff that’ll hopefully appeal to all our supporters and keep the much-needed money rolling in. And our job in the Creative team was to beaver away putting together photoshoots, concepts, copy and page layouts to show them all off at their best and make it easy for our customers to find what they want. (Phew! managed to finish the paragraph without slipping in an elf reference.)

I’m sure the suspected robin and Santa overdose I suffered in May will be worth it when the virtual cash registers start ringing at macmillan.org.uk/shop 

Only 158 shopping days ’til the big day so get clicking

The Macmillan shop

I haven’t posted in a while but there has been so much going on in the creative team lately.
One thing that is pretty exciting is the launch of the new Macmillan online shop shop.macmillan.org.uk/

We worked really closely with the Sales team, with initial concepts and lots of research on other sites that we love. Finally we handed it over to the digital team while we designed products to sell on the site.

One product we hope will make bags of money for Macmillan is the Macmillan bag for life. Here is picture of yours truly modelling it (in the new photography style) but that’s another post!

If you want to buy the bag visit here

Don’t forget to comment on the blog, that’s fun of it! We want to hear your voice too.

Have you been a good boy or girl this year?

Ever dreamt of receiving a special message from Santa? Well, you can get in touch with the man himself and ask him to send your loved ones a message from his village in the North Polse using his amazing portable North Pole console. Kids and adults alike will love receiving this magical communication. You can get in touch with santa by clicking here.

Carols by candlelight programme

Get ’em while they’re hot. Just off to press today is the programme for Carols by candlelight. Laid out by Alex, concept by Kath and project managed by Oliva. Big round of applause everybody!

National Elf Service

Cool stuff that you can personalise. Now that always grabs people’s attention. That’s probably why i’ve been addicted to this site recently. I won’t reveal exactly what it does, but I guarantee you’ll be sending family and friends links from this site when it gets a little nearer to Christmas. Enjoy!

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