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Christmas comes but twice a year

If you’re a designer that is. Like the rest of the population, every December we experience the joys of over-consumption, surprise presents and extended time spent with seldom-seen relatives. But we also get to spend a magical month or two in the middle of the year immersed in a glittering, marzipan-scented world of santas, robins and all things Christmas. Yep you’ve guessed it: the Christmas gift catalogue.

Hot-off-the-press copies of Macmillan’s Shop to Change Lives catalogue that I worked on earlier this year have just landed on my desk and they’re looking good. Along with a healthy sprinkling of that staple, the charity christmas card, this year’s edition also features an expanded range of gifts and festive accessories. From delightful tree decorations to tasty baking goods, our sales team worked really hard sourcing stuff that’ll hopefully appeal to all our supporters and keep the much-needed money rolling in. And our job in the Creative team was to beaver away putting together photoshoots, concepts, copy and page layouts to show them all off at their best and make it easy for our customers to find what they want. (Phew! managed to finish the paragraph without slipping in an elf reference.)

I’m sure the suspected robin and Santa overdose I suffered in May will be worth it when the virtual cash registers start ringing at macmillan.org.uk/shop 

Only 158 shopping days ’til the big day so get clicking

One for the Facebooks…

I came across this and thought it was a really interesting way to use the new Facebook timeline. It was created by McCann Digital Israel for Israel Anti-Drug Authority and shows the Facebook page of a fictional addict, Adam Barak. We see his life and his lost chances because of his addiction, pictured side by side.

You can view the Page here:


In more lighthearted Facebook news Heineken created their own ‘Social Christmas Tree’ in Singapore. The Heineken Social Christmas Tree was designed to broadcast Christmas greetings exchanged on Facebook. Using the Facebook app, people could send their friends a festive greeting by tagging them on their customised virtual tree. A video recording of the broadcast was then sent to the person and shared with your friends on Facebook as well.

Here’s a video to show how it all worked:

Pretty nice I think (but how long ago does Christmas feel now!).

The Perfect Partnership

A sweet little email to Eva…

She was a marketing professional. He solved marketing problems. When they met, it was ‘the perfect partnership’ 

Starring Eva Lake and Brian Woodcock. A Taurus Solutions Production in association with Macmillan Cancer Support

The Perfect Partnership is a heart-warming story of how a busy marketing professional (played by Eva Lake) manages to make her campaigns even more effective by using a ‘Clever Campaign’ from Taurus Solutions. It all started over a cup of coffee when Eva met their campaign specialist (Played by Brian Woodcock) who explained how Taurus-designed direct mail campaigns for Aon Insurance had achieved a massive 500% increase in response over their previous campaigns. While Siemens PLM had used a Taurus campaign to reverse a decline in interest for their international conferences.

In fact, a unique ‘Clever Campaign’ from Taurus Solutions can deliver unbelievable results for just about any company interested in direct marketing to increase the number of qualified prospects and gain new customers.

Macmillan Direct Marketing – officially HOT!

Royal Mail’s Mail Media Centre has listed us in their top ten, What’s hot in direct marketing, saying

Macmillan Cancer Support’s similarly eye-catching fundraiser contains a letter from one of the charity’s nurses and explains the invaluable work they do, while asking for a modest £2 monthly donation.

Click here to see the article and click through for pack contents

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