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Tig Notaro – LIVE! (rhymes with give…)

Wow! This weekend I listened to one of the most incredible things. American comic, Tig Notaro, had been booked to play at a comedy club when, just before the gig was due, she was diagnosed with cancer in both breasts. Somehow she agreed to perform and delivered one of the most arresting, emotionally honest and funny shows I’ve ever heard. Bringing in the fact that her mother had recently died and she’d split up with her long term girlfriend, the audience reaction goes from nervous laugther, to openly upset, then appreciating the humour she uses in her fight to understand and deal with the situation through to a truly supportive, group protection of her. The show’s available for download here

with a share of the profits going to cancer research or read the Huffington Post article here. Astonishing.


Umm, not much to say really. Except that this site is A-MAZE-ZING!

Have you been a good boy or girl this year?

Ever dreamt of receiving a special message from Santa? Well, you can get in touch with the man himself and ask him to send your loved ones a message from his village in the North Polse using his amazing portable North Pole console. Kids and adults alike will love receiving this magical communication. You can get in touch with santa by clicking here.

Magazine Designer’s Guide to Magazines

In a word, fantastic. “If Magazines were part of your body, Time would be underarm hair and The Economist would be a rash on your chest”

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