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The future’s bright, the future’s Orangereed

It’s the time of year again that every student dreads. The fun of freshers’ week is over and freshers’ flu is back to ruin study time. But never fear, it’s all worth it in the end, and here’s an amazing wesbite by a 2012 Illustration graduate to get you inspired.
Orangereed is the alter ego of Carl Reed, a self-confessed ‘doodler extraordinaire’ with a liking for moustaches. His fun doodle creations and projects can be seen on his website. And hopefully they’ll inspire every hungover student that hard work (and a few late nights) pay off.

Sasha Hearts Paper…

… and we heart Sacha.

Lovely typography (and illustration) in watercolour.

No idea how you’d ever do this without it going everywhere.

I’ve seen the signs!

When I’m on my way home changing trains at Oxford Circus, I like to imagine what it would be like if there were no signs. How lost could you get in those tunnels? It really drives home just how important good design (in particular signage) is. Knowing that I’m a real nerd about this sort of thing, people send me all sorts of great stuff. Cue Landor Associates and their fantastic wayfinding signage for Great Ormand Street hospital. It’s really practical, simple (needs to be for the kiddie-winks), and fun (scroll down to see all the pretty animals).


Have your brainstorms illustrated, LIVE!

Earlier this year, Macmillan’s Legacies team undertook a brainstorm session with various stakeholders, including people directly affected by cancer, as to whether we could more proactively make will writing information available to PLWC through Macmillan professionals. Working with media agency Happen, the brainstorms included an illustrator who captured comments, drew them as the discussions were ongoing and then stuck them on the walls – helping develop ideas further and providing a lasting legacy (groan) as to the outcomes of the session. If you’re at UKO pop along to the 11th floor where the illustrations are pinned up. And it’s a great idea that we might want to use to really get people’s creative juices flowing…

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