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I told the infi-knit machine …

that my Cat and Dog cuddling up to me made me feel warm – They’re like mini radiators! And look what I got in my inbox… my own bit of virtual scarf! Really cute campaign, has anyone else done it?

Free Rice!

Really cute game/test/thing that donates 10 grains of rice for each correct answer you give.
It’s been going for over a year and it all adds up. They’re onto version 2.0.

My top score 480 grains. Can you beat me?

If there is one thing i hate …

are ridiculous status updates on Facebook. Hopefully people will stop announcing their every conscious thought after seeing the Orange mobile free internet tariff advert, when there shown how silly they look. Well, I know that won’t happen but this advert is genius!

What do you think?

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