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Creative countdown

Here at Macmillan, we’re always sharing exciting projects among the creative team. And this is our round up of what’s got our creative juices flowing this month.

  1. Helpless

Imagine going through the toughest fight of your life and then dying in a way which could’ve easily been prevented. Well, that’s just what the latest ad from St. John’s Ambulance shows. It follows the journey of a man who finishes cancer treatment, only to die as a result of choking because no one knows basic first aid. Hard-hitting and moving, it powerfully draws attention to a very big problem.

  2. The $#*! Kids Say 

Despite coming out in March, I only recently stumbled upon this short film for the NSPCC’s Don’t wait until you’re certain campaign. Building on the success of the book $#*!  My Dad Says, it urges people not to ignore their niggling doubts about a child’s safety. And it highlights the fact that more than half of the people who contact the NSPCC have had concerns for at least a month.  

  3. First World Problems

Don’t you just hate it when your phone charger doesn’t reach? Or when you go to the bathroom and forget your phone? WaterisLife.com uses these ‘first world problems’ in their latest ad to highlight the need for clean water in developing countries. It draws on the ever-popular Twitter hashtag #firstworldproblems to give us all a big reality check that first world problems are NOT problems.

  4. Back to the Future

Admit it, at one time or another we’ve all squirmed at our old photographs, regretting those dodgy haircuts and fashion disasters. But luckily for us, photographer Irina Werning has roped some brave souls into digging out their retro snaps for her Back to the Future projects. Here she brings the past and present together, warts and all, in a series of stunningly recreated shots.

  5. Sea Change

It’s amazing how much can change in a few hours. Since 2003, photographer Michael Marten has shown this by travelling along the British coast photographing identical sea views at high and low tide. The result is a brilliant collection of shots showing the changes to our seasides.

Star Signs

Image from Vogue UK via Trendland

The project every design student tackles once in their education, star signs, in an all-out-camp-theatrically-crazy-only-Vogue-can-get-away-with fashion shoot. Love it.

Nice set of reportage photos

The recent discovery of Vivian Maier is taking the photography world by storm, writes Marianne Waller. Maier has been described as one of the greatest street photographers of the twentieth century, so why has no one heard of her until now? Read on here…

Battersea Power Station

A series of stunning photographs of Battersea Power Station and its slow decline from futuristic industrial giant to crumbling edifice, fought over and let down by a succession of politicos and developers. Beautiful and depressing in equal measures. Click here for Peter Dazeley’s work. Or look out of the windows at UKO at this iconic landmark, now officially on the buildings at risk register.

8 ways to fab photos at your coffee morning

So it’s that time of year again, hasn’t it flown by? Anyway, so all off us are going or hosting a coffee morning this September and we’ve developed a guide on how to take better photos. Having better quality photos of many coffee mornings gives us more choice and flexibility for our newsletters and marketing materials.

Sneak preview
Take an extra minute to think about the shot. Don’t be scared to move people around, rearrange props or change your mind. Also try capturing the moment with people acting naturally.Think on your feet and try something different.

Are you intrigued? Yes? Then email Kath Simpson at ksimpson@macmillan.co.uk to get your own guide. Plus, this guide will not only transform your coffee morning photos you can use the guide for your own personal collections.

So, what are you waiting for? Get emailing. 
Oh and don’t forget to comment here so we can improve on the guide.

Go on and celebrate!

Everybody spread the word
We’re gonna have a celebration
All across the world
In every nation
It’s time for the good times
Forget about the bad times, oh yeah…

ermm, yeah, so in 2011 we’re gonna celebrate our centenary, as if you didn’t know already. And to let everyone else know the Sales and Creatives services teams collaborated to produce this lovely calendar.

The calendar came to the creatives team looking looking for some love and attention (check out the before picture). And now it’s ready for you to give it a home.

The calendar has postcards and some funny and interesting facts that you might not know about Macmillan throughout it’s one hundred years.

Go to the online shop now to get yours here

Remember, Mark really wants to hear your thoughts on our new products so if you have a minute please drop us a comment. Thank you.

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