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Christmas comes but twice a year

If you’re a designer that is. Like the rest of the population, every December we experience the joys of over-consumption, surprise presents and extended time spent with seldom-seen relatives. But we also get to spend a magical month or two in the middle of the year immersed in a glittering, marzipan-scented world of santas, robins and all things Christmas. Yep you’ve guessed it: the Christmas gift catalogue.

Hot-off-the-press copies of Macmillan’s Shop to Change Lives catalogue that I worked on earlier this year have just landed on my desk and they’re looking good. Along with a healthy sprinkling of that staple, the charity christmas card, this year’s edition also features an expanded range of gifts and festive accessories. From delightful tree decorations to tasty baking goods, our sales team worked really hard sourcing stuff that’ll hopefully appeal to all our supporters and keep the much-needed money rolling in. And our job in the Creative team was to beaver away putting together photoshoots, concepts, copy and page layouts to show them all off at their best and make it easy for our customers to find what they want. (Phew! managed to finish the paragraph without slipping in an elf reference.)

I’m sure the suspected robin and Santa overdose I suffered in May will be worth it when the virtual cash registers start ringing at macmillan.org.uk/shop 

Only 158 shopping days ’til the big day so get clicking

Better days

Saw this idea and thought it was really clever and interesting. It’s a typography art calendar and each month it shows a black pair of smoker’s lungs. Using an innovative laser technology, the lungs have a filigree pattern cut out of them making the pages underneath visible. With each passing month, as they are removed, the lunges become lighter and lighter.

The tagline that pulls it all together is: “A year without cigarettes and your lungs can breathe again”.

Bacon Takedown

Identity and poster design by Allan Peters
Wonderfully stylish and pun-ny design by Allan Peters, check out the full selection of posters here.
Mmmm, bacon.


Ah, A beautiful video about beautiful letterpress. No more 10 minute artwork deadlines when you are setting type by hand using wooden blocks…

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