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Trouble coming up with an idea for your latest ad?

Then why not just copy a bit of what one of your nearest competitors is doing. It’s bound to make you stand out, especially if the execution is a bit rubbish too. Check out this video from Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Remind you of something?
And while I’m on the subject, what
are those posters and press ads about?

I guess it’s to do with beating against a tough barrier. Seems like a triumph of concept over execution to me; apart from the hand/fist I just don’t see what the other different things embossed against the metal actually are. And for me it feels like they’re beating against something permanent and impossible to break through. Perhaps there will be a second round where the breakthrough actually happens as seen on the intro on their website? I can see how in the pitch the creatives could sell the idea as connecting with aspects of what the charity is about, their brand values and so on. But for me the final products singularly fail to actually communicate them effectively. Or perhaps I’m just a bit dim?

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