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Where those wild things got to…

It seems Hollywood’s running so dry for new ideas that it’s even decided to turn the 16 page illustrated childrens classic ‘Where the wild things are’ into a feature film. I have no idea how they’re intending to stretch out the story to the magical 90 minutes, I’ve seen stills from it and it looks beautiful though.

Anyway, someone’s taken it on themselves to create a blog for illustrators to upload their own takes on the original. What’s really nice to see is how different people get totally diferent inspiration from the same thing.


Frightening stuff

Well, this lovely little blog is about highlighting stuff that’s cool and relevant to creative stuff at Macmillan. So i’d like to put forward

Unusual examples of persuasive writing

Shamelessly stolen from the Creative Review site.

Hello and welcome

Do you ever get the feeling like you’re working alone? Or that you’ve just made a huge difference to a project but have no one ot tell about it?

… Well don’t. What you’re doing really is important and we want to hear all about it. In fact we want to hear about anything you think about (well maybe not everything). So post something about what you’re working on, tell us about something you’ve just read about, show us how we can be better at Macmillan.

Oh yes, it’s up to you (yes you!) to keep posting interesting things so go on do it.

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