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Product-activated QR code

Are people even using QR codes any more?  Turns out they are!

Agency BBDO came up with this pint glass that has a QR code that appears when filled with Guinness.  No, regular lagers just won’t do.

More info here.

Think before you drink

Water Aid have come up with a thought provoking video which highlights the ‘water and sanitation crisis’ many third world countries live with daily.

Leading with the message, ‘If it’s not okay for us, why is it okay for them?’ the ad demonstrates ‘white collar’ workers living their normal lives with the exception of how they use water.

Have a look for yourself or take a look at their current campaigns here.

Start your charity engines …

Charity Engine, a non-profit web based organisation, have come up with a clever and easy way to donate to charity without giving up your time or money.

Instead they’re asking people to donate a very small amount of their computer processor time and energy supply by simply downloading an app from their website. This app then allows them to use a small percentage of your processor’s capability, not affecting your own usage.

For both business and scientific purposes, this ‘grid computing’ system avoids a costly ‘supercomputer’ based approach. And in return Charity Engine equally divides money given to them from organisations using the service, between a listed charity and a randomly generated donator.

To find out more about this idea and how to get involved, watch the video below or visit them here.

Generating Goodwill

A really interesting website has been launched today. It’s a site which urges people to donate time, rather than just money, to help the plight of small charities facing the risk of closure.

Charitable foundation Miller Philanthropy claims that more than 300 such charities could be forced to shut, due to rising demand for services and falling donations.

So, it’s launching The Goodwill Exchange, a website to encourage professionals to support charities by volunteering for them. It will link up professionals, including lawyers, marketing specialists and accountants, with charities which need their skills for free.

Gina Miller, founder of Miller Philanthropy, said: “There is an army of people, particularly women who have stepped out of their careers, along with an increasing number of skilled, educated and unemployed people who are rich in skills, experience and training and who all have time they could give to charities.

So far, 14 small charities have signed up to the Goodwill Exchange, which is a not-for-profit forum and asks volunteers to sign up for specific projects. The website can be found at www.goodwillexchange.co.uk

Shwop ’til you drop

Today sees the launch of Marks and Spencer’s new ‘Shwopping’ campaign designed to recycle, reuse and resell unwanted clothing.

The idea is simple. You bring with you an item of clothing you no longer want and swap it for something new, in store. The new item however doesn’t become free, but instead earns you points, which hopefully means prizes. And you don’t have to necessarily buy something. You’re also encouraged to drop in old clothes in return for points.
Points can also be earned through their new Facebook app. Either, invite friends; upload your shwop; vote on featured ‘shwop or not’ entries; and check in at M&S via Facebook Places. Additionally you can text in your shwop code or scan the QR code to earn points which will be added to your online profile, along with the any others.
In association with, and leading on from their current exchange campaign with, Oxfam charity shops, they want swapping while shopping to become a regular thing.
Vowing no item donated will be thrown away, cutting down on waste in landfills, this is a system ambassador Joanna Lumley hopes will flourish. All profits will go towards Oxfam in association with their own eco and environmental campaign, Plan A, with the goal to recycle 20 million items by 2015.

Have a read here for more information and watch what it’s all about below. Or even take a trip to the Truman Brewery in East London, where they will be covering its walls in old clothes (see above) to highlight how much is currently dumped in UK landfills every five minutes.

Smart thinking

The team at Smart Argentina have come up with a Twitter ad campaign that blows every other idea away.
The team created a Twitter account for the @smartArg campaign and created the ‘First Twitter commercial, an animation generated with Tweets only’.
In the advertisement, which works like a flip book animation, an ASCII version of a Smart car is seen driving through tunnels, past factories, smiling buildings and churches. People turn to look at the car as it drives down the street. It then reverses into a parking space which is too small for other vehicles.
While the isolated tweets mean nothing to SmartArg’s Twitter followers it the creative has definitely redefined the way that agencies could now think about the use of Twitter for advertising through the feed.
Have a look at https://twitter.com/#!/smartArg and watch the ad below:

Hope for sale

A new pilot scheme this week launches a way for you to buy a bit of hope along with your shopping. By picking up one of the test supermarket’s wooden blocks of hope, shoppers will be able to donate £1 at the same time as they shop. The idea behind this being it’s much easier to add on a donation if you’re already spending.
Initially running for the Alzheimer’s Society, Budgens in Crouch End and Belsize Park are the first to try advertising agency JWT’s new scheme out. With a recent downfall in donations, JWT have plans to expand if all goes well, matching specific charities to certain aisles. Hoping to reach groups that previously have been put off by paper methods of donating, particularly the young and the old, this idea seeks to make donating part of your everyday routine.
Have a read here for more information or go and check it out for yourself.

Smarty pants

Peru’s League Against Cancer has come up with a clear and simple message that speaks to men in their twenties and thirties. Basically, it’s a call to stop fiddling with silly distractions like mobile phones and gaming controls and have a go at checking your testicles.

Looks like your mum was wrong all along – some good will come of having your hands in your pants.

April Fool’s

Despite being on a Sunday this year, Google didn’t miss out on the opportunity to pull an April Fool’s day prank. Reinventing their popular feature Google Maps as an ‘8-bit version’ for NES, this creation will fill a long neglected gap, boasts the spoof video accompanying its launch.
The video goes on to point out its easy to use features and cutting edge technology. Highlights include ‘dial up technology’ and helpful hints such as, ‘blow on cartridge to fix bugs’, taking a generation back to their childhood.
See for yourself what all the fuss (and fun) was about and click the video below.

Bald is beautiful

The ‘Beautiful and Bald Barbie’ campaign finally received support from Mattel as they announced plans to launch a new friend of Barbie’s for children affected by hair loss. With the backing of 35,000 petitioners on change.org and over 125,000 likes on their Facebook page, the cause has been driven by a huge positive charge from the general public.

The doll will be similar to any other Mattel Barbie, with the added extras of wigs, scarves and hats. Technically not ‘the’ Barbie, the doll is still a massive step towards changing the face of the perfect doll anda positive role model for all children, not just those affected.
To read more about this journey visit change.org’s website or visit their Facebook page for details.
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