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Samsung Gear VR

As mentioned in the ‘What next for Digital Marketing in 2015’ blog article, virtual reality (VR) headsets are coming. Many of the big players have recently moved to purchase VR companies, the most notable being Facebook acquiring Oculus Rift in 2014 which is a sure sign that they believe there is a future for the technology.

Until now the headsets have not been particularly user friendly and are certainly a long way from becoming a must have. However as Mashable reports Samsung’s Gear VR Innovators Edition is the closest thing to a consumer-ready virtual reality headset and has now been released. It is still primarily for developers rather than the general public and it appears that despite improvements on previous attempts, it is still a long way from the finished article. The below video explains how the cons still outweigh the pro’s.


However it does seem that this technology is moving in the right direction. It remains to be seen what the potential is for advertisers, but it may not be too long before even more interactive content can be produced and served through VR headsets. Due to the large amounts of money companies such as Facebook have already invested in this field it is likely that advancements in this technology will happen quickly and VR will form a big part of the future digital landscape.


Big Vinnie meets Little Vinnie

Ever wondered what hardman Vinnie Jones was like as a child? Haven’t we all? Now thanks to the British Heart Foundation (BHF), big Vinnie meets little Vinnie.

Following the success of their previous CPR awareness video (which we blogged about earlier) the BHF has created a kidsspoof complete with mini henchmen to encourage the teaching of CPR in schools. And big Vinnie even makes a guest appearance.

Creative countdown

Here at Macmillan, we’re always sharing exciting projects among the creative team. And this is our round up of what’s got our creative juices flowing this month.

  1. Helpless

Imagine going through the toughest fight of your life and then dying in a way which could’ve easily been prevented. Well, that’s just what the latest ad from St. John’s Ambulance shows. It follows the journey of a man who finishes cancer treatment, only to die as a result of choking because no one knows basic first aid. Hard-hitting and moving, it powerfully draws attention to a very big problem.

  2. The $#*! Kids Say 

Despite coming out in March, I only recently stumbled upon this short film for the NSPCC’s Don’t wait until you’re certain campaign. Building on the success of the book $#*!  My Dad Says, it urges people not to ignore their niggling doubts about a child’s safety. And it highlights the fact that more than half of the people who contact the NSPCC have had concerns for at least a month.  

  3. First World Problems

Don’t you just hate it when your phone charger doesn’t reach? Or when you go to the bathroom and forget your phone? WaterisLife.com uses these ‘first world problems’ in their latest ad to highlight the need for clean water in developing countries. It draws on the ever-popular Twitter hashtag #firstworldproblems to give us all a big reality check that first world problems are NOT problems.

  4. Back to the Future

Admit it, at one time or another we’ve all squirmed at our old photographs, regretting those dodgy haircuts and fashion disasters. But luckily for us, photographer Irina Werning has roped some brave souls into digging out their retro snaps for her Back to the Future projects. Here she brings the past and present together, warts and all, in a series of stunningly recreated shots.

  5. Sea Change

It’s amazing how much can change in a few hours. Since 2003, photographer Michael Marten has shown this by travelling along the British coast photographing identical sea views at high and low tide. The result is a brilliant collection of shots showing the changes to our seasides.

CPR and Mr. Jones

I think we’ve all seen this video promoting CPR now but I thought I’d put it up here to save it for posterity. Vinnie Jones is on top form, it features some great writing (‘Here’s one I made earlier’), it’s genuinely funny and keeps you watching until the end. Not only that it also gets across a really serious and important message – hands only CPR. What more could you want?


Steve Jobs brainstorming behind the scenes at NeXT. A fascinating watch, my favourite bit is right at the beginning when Paul Rand presents the logo to a wall of bemused programmers…
I can’t directly link to it, but you can view Paul Rand’s stunning presentation at the bottom of this page.

Like a Virgin

The latest Virgin TV ad builds on their somewhat controversial ‘sexy 80s stewardesses’ ones from last year. This time they’ve pulled out all the stops and gone knowingly over the top. Think a James Bond title sequence crossed with the bowling dream sequence from The Big Lebowski.
Relationship to the actual reality of a Virgin flight: zero. But since when has reality played much of a role in air travel advertising, it’s all about aspiration and fantasy. Watch out for the humourous debunk at the end.

Trouble coming up with an idea for your latest ad?

Then why not just copy a bit of what one of your nearest competitors is doing. It’s bound to make you stand out, especially if the execution is a bit rubbish too. Check out this video from Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Remind you of something?
And while I’m on the subject, what
are those posters and press ads about?

I guess it’s to do with beating against a tough barrier. Seems like a triumph of concept over execution to me; apart from the hand/fist I just don’t see what the other different things embossed against the metal actually are. And for me it feels like they’re beating against something permanent and impossible to break through. Perhaps there will be a second round where the breakthrough actually happens as seen on the intro on their website? I can see how in the pitch the creatives could sell the idea as connecting with aspects of what the charity is about, their brand values and so on. But for me the final products singularly fail to actually communicate them effectively. Or perhaps I’m just a bit dim?

One more OK go video – for the dawgie lovers!

Following up from Corin’s technology based video below – here’s another from the wee pop-meisters, this one featuring pooches. welcome to the weekend

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